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comprehensive financial planning

either pricing structure includes:

financial behavior

  • 'written' financial plan
  • setting your mind right to follow the plan
  • priorities aligned with goals
  • never be uncertain of where you are

net worth tracker & budget

  • create & monitor budget & net worth
  • aggregate & integrate all of your accounts
  • automated expense categorization

investment management

  • comparison of current v. proposed portfolio
  • investment choices that align with your values, interests & risk tolerance
  • proven investment portfolios

insurance needs

  • life insurance for peace of mind
  • disability insurance for steady income
  • partnered with a world class policy finder

Mode of Operations

4 pillars of a sound plan

 / making sure retirement is attainable & enjoyable
/ maintaining consistent income through life
/ providing financial security for loved ones
/ maximizing investment income returns


'You don't hire a financial advisor because you are unable to figure this out.  You hire one because you have a feeling there is a blind spot'


foundation of pillars

invest 15% of your income in a defined contribution plan {401(k), 403(b)}, Roth/Traditional IRA & Brokerage Account

budget to spend less than you make, have funds set aside for rough patches

|  have adequate term life insurance

|  buy and hold low cost investments | 'core and explore'


'Keep playing your own tune.  You will only attract those who like the sound of it' - profession mentor, 2013

investment philosophy?


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